a 35yrs old male patient having this type of rash on both legs !since last 3yrs progressively increase s but relevant symptoms like itching ,swelling !! no any history of DM htn ,CBC ,BT ,CT normal, what s diagnosis and treatment



Blood tests - including platelets and clotting - are usually normal.Autoantibody screen and hepatitis serology should be performed.Skin biopsy - histology reveals a capillaritis of dermal vessels. Other changes that may be seen include perivascular inflammatory infiltrate, endothelial hypertrophy with extravasation of blood cells and haemosiderin-laden macrophages.[11]Examination of the skin using a dermatoscope may be helpful although there are limited reports in the literature.[12]

The lesions consist of: Asymmetrical brown/orange patches.Non-blanchable purpura.Petechiae called 'cayenne pepper' spots (develop at the edge of old lesions). Patterns can vary - eg, annular, linear. There may also be associated lichenification, scaling and pruritic marks.

Schamberg's disease was first described by Schamberg in 1901 in a 15-year-old boy. It represents benign dermatoses with purpura due to leaking from capillaries close to the skin surface. It most often affects the legs and spreads slowly. The discolouration is brown/orange due to haemosiderin deposition in the skin.

Progressive pigmentary purpura. Schambergs disease. Ascorbic acid 500mg bd and flavonide rutiside 50 mg bd. .

Vitamins A & B 12 deficiency. Treatment Vitamins A 50000 i unit BD for 6 days & repeat after one week. Tab folic acid OD. cream Retinol A application .No to shocks .

schamberg disease

progressive pigmentary purpura

is it HSP?

sorry no relevant history of itching ,swelling !!miss typing of" no" word

Schamberg's disease is caused by leaky blood vessels near the surface of the skin,capilaries which allowrbc to slip through into the skin. The red blood cells in the skin then fall apart and release their iron which causes a rust color, this accounts for the orange tint of the rash. so sir its schambergs disease . actually its mainly start from leg and progress to upwards . their is no treat ment for it. i have seen mNy doc advice many tab s and cream . but tats only a placebo . if pt havring itching , just give antihistamine and mild steriod and colchicin fir tempiry relief. but thir is no perfect treatment for it. thank u sir

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schamberg disease .

In homoeopathy u can use apismel 200 With sulphar 200 Od

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