A 39 yrs old male came in Emergency c/o chest pain left side. Urgent ECG done which enclosed here. Please Respected Collegues interpretate ECG & diagnosis and treatment. Thanks.



ECG- 1. J. Wave are seen 2.ST sagging and depression in Inferior lead . 3. Their are no any ST abnormalities In chest leads. 4.Possibility of sub endocardial inferior Wall ischemia. 5. Pt. Require 2D.Echo.& cardiac markers.and take opinion of Interventionalso cardiology for CAG

Tachycardia Inferior wall ischemia 2D echo Cardiologist opinion

ECG - HR >100 STsagging and depression in Inferior Lead.. Sub endocardial inferior Wall MI. Second point is.P wave is mitrale so it should be ruldout vavalvular heart disease with 2D.Echo.so do it and also do cardiac markers

S.tachycrdia LVH Subtle depression in inf leads Advice serial ecg

Bifid P waves, ST sagging inferior leads, LVH, incomplete LBBB. Left atrial enlargement.Get serial ECGs and cardiac enzymes. Echo. Rule out valvular lesion.

Its a case of sinus tachycardia.

Lvh with inferior wall ischemia Unstable angina Inv- angiography Tt- angioplasty or cabg

Tachycardia. Incomplete BBB. poor R wave progression. ST segments abnormal?

LAE ( BIFID P IN L2 ) LVH 1 Bifid p in L2 2 voltage . 3 ST T CHANGES V5 V6

Inferior wall ischemia!

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