A 40 year old civil engineer came with the history of itching and redness, aggravates in sun rays, Dx and Rx?



solar dermatitis

photo dermatitis, calamine lotion

Scabis.. Sulphur 30 one dose in the morning in consecutive days.

polymorphic light eruption can be considered .. topical momatasone cream with antihistamines will help

Solar dermatitis

It solar drmatitis, give Sulphur 200 twice in a week .

solar dermatitis

photodermatitis.calamine lotion

It may be solar urticaria as it aggravates in sun light. Any topical steroid along with antihistaminic could be of great relief. olapatadine or fexofenadine can be given for allergy. Proper bathing after returning from office and ask the patient to cover up the body parts as direct sunlight might aggravate it more..

kenacort-40mg injection once use only betnovet-n skin oniment apply twice daily candiforce waysolon-10mg tab twice daily for 7days

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