A 40 year old female came with complaints of dysphagia and soreness of throat since 3 weeks look at pic and give diagnosis treatment options and give thumbs up if u find my case useful



Follicular tonsillitis Use wokadine sore throat gagrle wid lukewarm water Tablet macrolides r best for upper respiratory tract infections azithomycin with ambroxol for five days before meal. Use any nsaid drug for inflammation nd pain. Also can add montuklast with levocetrazine HS OR FOR Quick resut injectable can b given Tazobactam 1 gm bd i.v mikacine 500 bd i.v n wokadine sore throat for gargle

It's a pustular collection at the edge of posterior pillar and tonsil is not at all visible in this picture it's a pharyngitis with a pustule at posterior pillar that is causing referred pain to neck and jaw

Here tonsils/ crypts of tonsils are not involved, cheesy stuff is not seen which usually comes out of crypts( Irvine Moore sign) and the posterior pharyngeal wall is congested where the post nasal drip/ GERD/ constipation could be the culprit. All and all it can be aggravated from granular pharyngitis to this stage. Rx: warm saline/ alkaline gargles/ betadine gargles, a decongestant c antihistaminic pill & a PPI c domperidone, if constipated bowels - a laxative.

Granular pharyngitis, advised gram positive and negative antibiotics & analgesics, increase immunity.

I think it's only retention cyst at Right posterior pillar, there is no congestion and follicles in tonsils. the cyst can give kind of discomfort while swallowing. there is high chance that patient might have observed the cyst and worried. please reassure the patient,if its not helping then u can puncture the cyst.

Pharyngitis with tonsillitis with follicles in the Rt side .

Follicular tonsillitis

suppurative tonsilitis needs mox-cv bd vit C chymotrypsin a 2 z capsule warm water garglin warm liquid food no cold liquid

Follicular tonsillitis warm saline gargling amoxiclav 625 mg with antihistamine with nsaid drug with vit c

throat is very congested warm saline gargle or betaine gargle or amoxycilline 250mgm three times daily. if very pain full sol.aspirin gargle can help. good hydration.

follicular tonsillitis

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