Oliguria for evaluation

A 40 year old female present with C/o sudden decreased urine output× 2days, voiding urine 6times/day with minimal amount. C/o urine hesitancy C/o constipation. H/o fever 4days back. Treated with T. Azithro 500mg OD, T. Para 500mg tds, C. Pan 40mg OD, T. Cetrizine 10mg hs. Past history : N/k/c/o T2DM, SHTN and no other comorbidities. Vitals -Normal. S/E : P/A- Soft, Hypogastrium fullness +. Treatment Given: ⭕IVF NS 500ml IV ⭕Inj. Lasix 2cc IV (stat) ⭕Syp. Freelex 15ml Hs. After 10mins of inj. Lasix 2cc IV, patient voided urine adequately and felt comfortable. Advice : ⭕Increased fluid intake. ⭕Increased Fibre diet. ⭕USG abdomen and pelvis ⭕Routine blood investigations. ❓What is the cause for sudden decreased urine output. ❓How to manage this case further.

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Insurgency and frequency are suggestive of hyperactive bladder Which is likely CYSTITIS Treat as a c/o UTI Broadspectrum urinary antiseptics Alkalisers

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Investigation important Urine rt Urine for culture and sensitivity Usg kub Prevoid Post void Bun serum creatinine Dehydration GFR

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Ad Renal function tests ? UT I Urinalysis C/S After results of reports start treatment

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Glomerulonephritis of acute onset

Post urethral valve

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