A 40 year old male patient presented to the old. Spot diagnosis??



What is the age of the patient . Please give detailed history Pt is 40. So rule out diabetes first . Is thre any h/o trauma or infection in the area which might have neglected. Is patients having habit of alcohol tobacco chewing or smoking Please do pus and tissue culture. Start antibiotics . Dressing with betadine debride the wound . Take xray to rule out osteomyelitis. After healthy granulation do skin grafting. There many types of ulcers.So treat accordingly.In Ayurveda so many remedies are told to heal the wound. Allopaths have no idea about wounds description in Sushrut samhita. He has told about various types of wounds and treatment in detail. That is worth reading by any pathy graduate.Panchwalkal ghrut dressing will help lot along with honey.

badly infected wound with maggots.remove maggots. was wound left open and untreated.clean it up carry out culture and sensitivity. treat accordingly till one can see healthy granulation tissue. and proceed as the wound and pt behave.

Marjolin's ulcer.

Non healing wound with maggots. Remove with forceps . Maggots they come out if you pour small amount of ether on it.

chronic untreated ulcer infected with maggots but ruling out whether he is diabetic and if he has any systemic diseases is necessary

untreated wound with maggots. ..

venous ulcer with maggots

Neglected & Infected wound wih maggots.


non healing wound infected with maggots

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