A 40 years male patient with symptoms of pain and tenderness over shoulder.pain is increased during activity .patient is hypertensive and nondiabetic...please diagnose and suggest treatment..



- no bony Abnormalities seen - ? Rotator cuff injury. if pains are CHRONIC & increases when sleeping on shoulder side - immediate no need of repair - physiotherapty will improve condition. - start seratopeptidase/ chymoral forte - with NSAID for short periods -Glucosamine sulphate will work - shift to physiotherapty latter on for 1-2month as per pain duration - severity & chronicity.

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Check Swimmer's shoulder/Rotator cuff tear/Rotator cuff tendinitis Do physical test such as Empty can test /Hawkins test . Rest , ice on the affected shoulder to decrease pain. - Avoids activities that increase pain and symptoms. - Massage - First stretching and range of motion exercises and then muscle strength exercises

If you look ar the greater tuberosity,there is irregularity and sclerosis. Tell tale signs of subacromial impingement producing shoulder pain.

Can be subacromail bursitis with RC tendinitis Orthipaedician can try with local anesthesia and treat with oain management and physio

Check Supraspinatous tendinitis or painful arch syndrome Treatment ----- Ultrasound and ice pack Exercise----- After pain decrease ...progressivly exercise is start Mobilisation--caudal glide Passive movement Stretching MFR Massage Kinesio-taping Isometric exercise Strengthening Advise ---- Avoid over abduction Avoid overhead activity

No bony abnormality detected. ?Frozen shoulder.

Do MRI oflt shoulder then decide frozen shoulder dd supraspinitis dd ligaments tear then decides orthopedic speciaspelised in shoulder

Agree@Pankaj Singhal

Rolo out Uricemia Invs.uric acid may be

Frozen shoulder ?Us over head pulley shoulder mobilasation codman exercise

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