A 41yrs old male with severe low back pain radiating to Lt lower limb since months,kindly suggest management on the posted reports??

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Scans are absolutely normal i can't see any desiccated disc. Young person has abnormal sitting posture or driving vehicle in abnormal posture giving rise to abnormal shape to vertebral column and paraspinalmuscles spasm. Physiotherapy and muscle relaxants with diathermy should help.

Thanx dr Khushbu Goda

As per the report there is no mention of root compression. But it must be there. So the radiculopathy Gabantin will help.

Nothing is abnormal ,pt must take full bed rest for few weeks then ask him for physiotherapy ,Surya Namskar is best preventive remedy for these pains , please don't ask him for MRI just have word of assurans with little support of analgesic for few days only

Inj Deca Duraboline 25mg Inj Newrokind plus Cap Sompraz it Tab Metrology 400mg bd 7days Cab Upricr D3 6ok Tab Ezact mr bd 7days Tab predmet 8mg bd 7days

Lumber spondylosis Painkiller +musclerelexant Calcium (shelcal ct) Vit D3 ( arachitol sachet) Methycobalamin Bed rest

There is para spinal spasm. We need to relieve the spasm and then rest and again reassess clinically and then we may need mri

No bony abnormality detected. Adv--MRI for PIVD.

It could be sciatica. MRI must be done to confirm the diagnosis. Continue with medicines (NSAIDs) and exercise for LBP s/a 1)unilateral and bilateral knee to chest. 2) hamstring quds & TFL stretch (commonly tightness is present) 3) IAE and IBB ex 4)ergonomic advice for proper lifting and carrying

PIVD with sciatica (L) bed rest ...vitd3 gabapentin 400 mg Nortriptyline 10mg analgesic LS corset day time ... Physiotherapy releive to pain if no relief advice MRI

He has scoliosis. Give calcium, vit D3 and refer to physiotho

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