A 45 year old construction worker ref with history of cough, breathlessnes, and chest pain since 6 months . Not a smoker or alcoholic, no haemoptysis . Routine investigations WNL and sputum for AFB neg . further management options please

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Heterogenous opacities lt side more in lt mid area looks like tubercular pic A circumscribed shadow with irrugular margins rt lower para cardiac area this shadow with pain looks like CA Seems a case of double pathology existing at one time this is on plain xray Ct will tell inside dtory

This is picture like in case of Asbestosis.give him antibiotics ,bronchodilaters,n symptomatic treatment.Do BAL for Ca lung

It should be bilateral

Consolidation , collapse with fibrosis of right lower zone is suggestive of tuberculosis lesion ! If the patient is taking ATT you will not get any finding ! If in doubt go for CECT chest , bronchoscopy !


Rt basal pneumonitis dd sarcoidosis hrct expiratory films cbnat 10 days course of salbactum750 bd then repeat xray pft copd

Right lower lobe pneumonia

Lobar pneumonia Rt. Middle zone.

45 year old pt with no previous history of diabetes. FBS 80 PPBS 250 Which drug to be started??

Repeat pp

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Pneumoconiosis, with rt LL tumor, tb possible Dd ,proceed with ct thorax

Cxr suggestive of consolidation. However CECT thorax is a must for better deliniation. Plz post the images once CT is done.

Unfortunately the pt has been discharged from the hospital a few days back , and will try to send the same when he comes for follow up later. . Actually I posted this case as it has interesting findings. Based on history and presence of chronic chest pain , sputum neg , we were thinking in terms of malignancy only. CT showed e/o mid lobe RT collapse with fibrotic changes Lt lingular and upper lobe with few Mediastinal nodes. FOB showed e/o gross inflamed odema mucosa of Lt upper and lingular bronchus with grossly inflamed odemtous , irregular mucosa causing near total obstruction of RT mid lobe bronchus. Strongly suspecting ca biopsy was taken from mid lobe bronchus . To my surprise BAL was positive for AFB and hpe confirms tubercular lesions . Hence he has been discharged with att cat 1 treatment and Adv follow up. In case he comes back after 1 or 2 months I will post his follow up cxr .

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