A 45 yr old male presented with itching & scaling progressing frm foot to knee. K/c/o HTN, non diabetic. Has h/o similar complaints since 5 yrs. Diagnosis & management



chronic eczematus dermatitis. Tt accordingly with local application of steroids & salicylic acid preparation & systemic antihistamines. local application of emollient & mometasone. systemic short course steroid in tapered manner....

fungal infection, tinea apply candid dusting powder, tb flucon along with dermic ointment for skin and sebifin ointment for nails strict hygiene should b maintained.

the lesions are psoriasis..pleae use topical mometasone at night and calcipotriol cream at night

psoriasis and treatment with coconut oil and aplication of salicylic and steroid


Chronic Psoriasis. Nail Psoriasis Onychomycosis Rt.Big Toe

Chronic eczema. Topical emollients, topical steroids, antihistamines

Psoriasis! Topical Halovate-s/Sternon-s+psoralean derivatives!

Psoriasis. Also onychomycosis right toe.

Psoriasis. Also onychomycosis right toe.

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