Acquired cardiopulmonary disease

A 45 yrs old patient having DOE III, chest pain. Having worsening of symptoms in last few weeks. Patient is having atrial fibrillation with fast ventricular rate. ECHO is attached for further discussion.




AF in a young female with symptomatic presentation of Chest Pain and DOE First you have to see whether its new onset AF or paroxysmal or persistent .... Rule out common causes like Hyperthyroidism, Previous Cardiac intervention, Alcohol intake etc... Treat acc to type of AF

It was long standing persistent AF. Controlled the AF and operated the patient

Its Rheumatic heart disease. Mitral stenosis LA is enlarged with clots inside. Tricuspid regurgitation is see in doppler study .he is in Af.he is likely to have thrombo embolic episodes .he needs anticoagulant therapy. Must be in cardiac failure.which needs immediate attention

Stabilzed the patient and controlled failure and AF and operated the patient. He was having clots in right atrium too

As evident from echo there is clot in lt atrium suggest MS Likely rheumatic heart disease As seen from surgical steps thrombactomy with valvactomy done Hrct shows pulmonary hypertension with pulmonary oedema Nice work done Followup

Patient is doing well in postop as he was having ARF and right hydropneumothorax. But doing well in post op.

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Rheumatic valvular heart disease . MS,PAH , TR ,AF , CLOTS IN BOTH ATRIA . What was the exact procedure done ,Sir ?


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Rheumatic heart disease (RHD)

Neither echo is conclusive nor ecg is attached

You may give your opinion upon CECT Thorax

Ecg Tsh trop