A 5 year old child has watering from his eye while watching tv and mobile he doesn't have any refractive error and his sight is normal what to do


Cause of watering can be anything WORKUP will include 1. cycloplegic refraction 2. check for any evidence of allergic conjunctivitis esp VKC 3. Rule out NLD block. 4. rule out any evidence of vitamin A deficiency

Children has good accomodative amplitude, so low Hypermetropia may not manifest with regard to visual acuity. But due to continuous use of accomodation, they may complain of watering or headache..... So do Retinoscopy after proper cycloplegia (wet retinoscopy)...If that comes normal then check for dry eye, as children blink less while watching tv or mobile so it may cause watering due improper lacrimal pumping.

Good evening 1. This child need complete ophthalmic evaluation which includes: a. Refraction: cycloplegic refraction b. convergence and accommodation c. rule out any coexisting disease like allergic eye disease If everything is ruled out then prescribe lubricating eyedrop as this could be due to dryness

As you said he doesn't have any refractive that suggests u might have tried cycloplegic refraction. The other thing that comes to my mind is that the pt may have allergic component like AKC/VKC (early) or some NLD/canalicular block. Look for some clinical hints if you can get. Evert the lids and do syringing if possible.

*refractive error

Exclude SAC problem NEEDS LACRIMAL Syringing to exclude SAC problem

Strain on eyes, divert mind to field sports.

Lubricants and Multivitamins,

buy a tv wth child lock if u dn hv 1 alrdy n use it...more importantly, waz a 5 yr old kid doin wth a mobile!!!!??

playing game wid mobile

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long exposures looking at one thing can lead to dryness so r/o meibomitis as this can add to his wrong habits. good counselling of child is required so that he spends limited time watching TV parents to be educated and avoid giving mobile to child change in life style and lubricants will help the child

To perform retinoscopy under cycloplegia, if it comes normal then only Lubricant e/drops

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