A 51 year old male presented with the complaint of eye lesions that causes irritation. On examination elevated yellow-white area on the bulbar conjunctiva is noted near the nasal limbus. What is Diagnosis and treatment steps?




Vitreous hemorrhage . Vitreous hemorrhage is the extravasation, or leakage, of blood into the areas in and around the vitreous humor of the eye. ... A variety of conditions can result in blood leaking into the vitreous humor, which can cause impaired vision, floaters, and photopsia. Little care about once in a while some of the vitreous fibers pull so hard on the retina that they create a macular hole to or lead to a retinal detachment. Both of these conditions are sight-threatening and should be treated immediately.

Pingueculum You usually don't need any type of treatment for a pinguecula unless it causes discomfort. If your eye does hurt, your doctor can give you eye ointment or eye drops to relieve redness and irritation. You can talk to your doctor about having the pinguecula surgically removed if its appearance bothers you.

One side of eye Yellowish growth on the Conjuctiva. Probably of "PINGUECULA". Causes Deposit of protein,fat,or calcium.

Inflamed pinguecula Topical NSAID may be recommended

Lymphatic cysts conjunctiva ,dilated lymphatic spaces lined with epithelium

D.D : . Lymphangiectasis of conjunctiva. . Pinguecula.

Inf. Pterygium Pinguecula Viitreous hemorrhage

Vitreous leackage

It's pterygium, Day care procedure by opthalmic surgeon


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