Subendocardial Ischemia, LMCA or LAD stenosis or triple vessel disease

A 52 yrs/male Chief Complaints Fever x 5 days Chills x 3 days Cough dry x 3 days Vague Chest discomfort x 1 day Palpitations x 1 day Vitals Pulse: 86 Bp:140/80 Temp: 98F Spo2: 96@RA History Not a K/c/o DM,SHTN,COPD,BA,PTB,CAD,CVA H/o COVID x 3 months back



Sinus tachyxardia,diffuse st depression, st elevation in lead avr may indicate the possibility of CAD involving the LMCA or proximal LAD artery,pulmonary emboli. adv investigation cbc,sr ecg,elecrolytes,lipid profile,bsf/pp/hba1c, echo, CAG,

thanks Dr Shigil Mathew

S.Tachy P.Pulmonale LAD LAHB

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Thanks Dr Shigil Mathew