A 55 year old male patient have an ulcer on the right side of upper chest near clavicle which has an indurated base and rolled out margin. The ulcer started from nodule on a post burn contracture.



Marjolin's ulcer

Ulcer arising from burns scar is usually marjoline's ulcer.Edges are everted and it is most likely squamous cell carcinoma.Case is to be under care of plastic surgeon for skin grafting.

Marjolin's ulcer

Respected sir I agree with Dr Parveen yograj

Appears to be a case of squamous cell carcinoma needs biopsy .Wide excision if it's malignant

Marjolin's ulcer need edge biopsy to confirm diagnosis.if HPR negative then wide excision with grafting

Marjolin's ulcer most likely, a type of squamous cell carcinoma in long standing cases burns . An edge biopsy required to arrive at a diagnosis and confirm squamous cell carcinoma. A wide excision is required with at least 1 cm normal margin followed by skin grafting

Marjolin's ulcer

Non healing uce but may be malignant. Take biopsy from edge of ulcer.To me this looks like sq.cell carcinoma.

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