A 55 year old male who is a known case of diabetes and hypertension presented with viral pneumonitis on admission,has features of opioid withdrawal syndrome.He takes opioid orally , atleast 6 to 7 times a day. Vitals: Heart rate -90/min BP-130/70mm Hg SPO2-75 percent in room air Investigations: RT-PCR For Covid-Positive HRCT chest-moderate severity score All features suggestive of acute inflammation There is no provision for the use of buprenorphine. What could be the other options to treat the withdrawal symptoms , keeping in mind to maintain the oxygen saturation and minimise the respiratory distress caused by medications used for withdrawal.



this is a very interesting case of opioid withdrawal with Covid-19. keeping in mind that SpO2 is low , these are medications as an alternate Tab. Arkamin 0.1(100mcg) thrice a day Cap. Rejunex Plus once a day Tab. Etizolam 0.50mg BD Tab. Ridol ( loperamide) Stat and SOS Tab.PregabaNT 1tab. HS Tab. Naproxen 500mg sos ( for excessive body pain,headaches)

Thank you for the response.It has been quite a challenge to treat opioid withdrawal as almost all the medications can cause drowsiness and respiratory depression.

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