A 55 yr man came in hospital with complaint chest pain since morning , and lt sholder pain which goes back and tingling in lt limbs o/e. BP. 130/90 mmhg rr.. 16/min. Pulse.. 85/min. Pt. Also complain swating after few minut. These are the status of the patient.. Ecg done after few minutes. Shows these typical changes.. Now gause and reply.. Dignosis only..

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inferior wall myocardial infarction, reciprocal changes in anterior wall, ventricular ectopic beat, sinus bradycardia.

everyone diagnosis is correct urgently go for CAG F/B cabg or ptca as per EKG cabg should b the best choice

PVC Inferioposterior mi with R.V involment

inferior wall Mi

acute inferior wall mi with reciprocal changes


acute inferior wall mi

acute iwmi

IWMI with reciprocal change

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