A 58 YOM presented with gland on under eye with mild itching and discharge since 6-8 years. My diagnosis is Medaj granthi. please suggest the diagnosis and treatment.



In dis case....very first management is hygiene.... Then according to given detail... Next step 4 control d glandular growth , discharge & itching... By medicine.. i.e.. EUPHRASIA - 200 + THUJA - 1M....QID.. Follow up - 15 days... Here one thing must b noted that... First dose of both medicines must be given in early morning.. just wake up time...4 best & appropriate results.... & touching is totally prohibited...

Chronic dacrocystitis with xanthalsemia Give him Triphala kwatha for clean Rasa manikya 200mg Gandhak rasyana 500 mg Nisha powďr 1gm Manjista churns 1gm with honey Tab septilin DS BD Panchtikta ghrita guggulu BD

Please look carefully the lower lid margins almost normal.The lesions are probably from the lacrimal sac.However , to be sure biopsy is justified.

May be the case of CA.... Go through detailed investigations and refer the case if needed @Dr. Nitin Awasthi sir

Sir all related investigation within normal limit, biopsy also take place it's shows no growth

A case of Lacrymal cyst pls give floric acid 200 apis m 200 I/c hep sulphur 200 every 3rd day

Go for biopsy. It May be basal cell carcinoma.

Biopsy report is needed to confirm the diagnosis

May be basal cell carinoma

Complicated Dacryocystitis

1) Mahalaxmi Vilas Ras 1 tab Rasmanikya 50 mg Gandhak Rasayan 250 mg Kamdudha Ra's 1 tab With Madhu 2) Khadirarishta 10 ml Mahamanjishthadi kwath 10 ml b.d.p.c. 3) Chopchinyadi churna 5 gm bd 4) Yashad bhasm 250 mg Saptamrit loh 250 mg Triphala ghrit 5 gm b.d. 5) Neosporin H oint. Locally

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