Penis compress in pant zip? how to treat swelling and urine not passed

A 6 year male child come in opd with parents complaint of swelling in penis due to compression in pant zip,?? urine not passed Chief Complaints penis swelling due to compression in pant zip Management treatment??



Cut the chain out of pant. Apply lignocaine jelly n force open the chain. It will release the penis. Give analgesic and paracetamol round the clock. Ask if the child has received tdap/dt at 5 year of age.

Penile injury Just carefully to be removed from pant zip and assess the laceration occured If only minor abrasions are there than icepacks and followed by mupirocin oint locally Oral broadspectrum antibiotics Antiinflamatory suspension If lacerations are major will need resuturing under LA take help of Gen surgeon

Dr.Vikas, It's PENILE INJURY, Don't do anything... Go to surgical specialist .. He can do, and get rid of the problem immediately.

Penis compress in zip , if urine is not passed then first advice for cold fomentation of penis for at least 2 hrs ,still urine is not paas, f g tube application by using local anaesthetic cream and full antiseptic precautions so that urine can pass without much effort ,if urine is still not coming supra public cathterization .Oral or injectable antibiotics ,analgesics anti inflammatory including serratiopeptidase as per prescribed dose .