A 6 yr old girl have black mole since 1 yr....dx , Rx ?



Leave it alone if it is just not disturbing...In such cases if messed, with experience taught that it leads to HALO Nevus Leucoderma or MALIGNANCY

OLEUM SANTALI - Q....+ BERB AQUI - Q....... Mix Both In Equal Quantity....wid Glycerine......20- 20 Drops Apply It Externally......QID.....For Min 3 months.... Causticum - 200...BD..

@Dr. Mahtab Arif give him thuja 200 and Pulsatilla 200 single dose. Apply thuja mother tincture on mole and thuja ointment alternatives. You will get result.

We can't help with Ayurvedic Medicines.... Better to take opinion from cosmetic surgeon....

Plastic surgery will be helpful in this case

Please sir... suggest only homoeopathic treatment...

यह कोई आपत्ती जनक नहीं है।

Grafaytes 30 Thuja 30

Electrocuatery under LA its an 5 min process and 30 min prepration time or solution comes 4 local application like podowort to apply on that much area only

Its a procedure under derma care

I don't feel that there is need of any tt

I don't know that what u are feeling....I know to need that what pt have feel.

Thuja Q external aplicacion Thiosiaminum 3x Pulse 200

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