A 60 year old patient presented with the White patches on his tongue. What wil b dx investigation & rx plan ?



Leukoplakia, advised biopsy.

Leukoplakia ....candiasis

looking like candidiasis. is it scrapable? start with antifungal

It is a case of hairy tongue. start with biopsy.

Do koh microscopy, Mucosal candidiasis. Is any comorbidity associated.

DD leukoplakia, oral cabdidiasis

May be it is candidiasis or leulko plakia first biopsy will be helpful


hairy tongue it seems, is it scrapable, if not scrapable then it may be hairy leukoplakia, may b proliferative verrucous leukoplakia

Patient was not presenting proper case history during examination I adviced patient for HIV & hbsag screening patient didn't come back !

hairy leukoplakia if not scrapable . if scrapable dn hairy tongue

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