a 60 yr old man presented with a solitary Rt pre-auricular lump found incidentally 1 month ago while shaving. sometimes become smaller. 4-5 cm,no skin changes, not tender, firm, smooth surface, well defined egde, mobile. spot Dx ?


Your illustration points towards a benign parotid tumor likely pleomorphic adeonoma .plz look for I/L facial nerve involvement. Usg parotid fossa, fna from swelling..if corroborative findings surgical intervention (superficial parotidectomy) with informed consent for likely facial nerve paresis and frey's syndrome.

Very nice approach, thanx Dr.

no pain not any tenderness this is very silent symptomps but show something wrong and malignant so need usg and fnac test to identify the abnormality

Benign mixed parotid tumor. Usg neck fnac superficial parotidectomy complications facial nerve palsy Frey 's syndrome recurrence malignant change.

Rule out Parotid pathology by Radiological support. Treatment should be according to the cause.

Pleomorphic adenoma If USG &FNAC confirm the diagnosis go in for Superficial Parotidectomy

Could be salivary duct stone see if the swelling increases on eating sour things

Pleomorphic adenoma...usg&fnac... treatment... superficial parotidectomy

Looks like parotid mass. USG and then FNAC to decide course of action

Usg, fnac, if pleomorphic adenoma do superficial parotidectomy

Salivary gland tumour. Us scan ...biopsy will confim

Great, Thanx
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