A 62 year old male presented with the complaint of a cyst on the scalp. On examination a skin colored, painful, on touch and hard cyst seen on the scalp. What are the differentials for this and Mx.



Chedan and Visravan Chikitsa (I&D) is needed... Followed by Agantuja Vruna Chikitsa.... @Dr. Harsh Sharma ji... Its a Shastra Sadhya Vyadhi.... Keval Aushadhi Chikitsa will not help in this case....

It looks like Sebatious Cyst U can conferm with CT Collect Shalmali kantaka powder Snuhi panchanga powder Take 20 gm of mixture and add water to it make bolus and keep it over whole affected area in evening do bandaging Keep it for whole nighg Next day morning remove it Repeat the procedure for 15 days

If it is movable mass not fixed to scalp, not pulsating . Then go for Excision under local anaesthesia

But what is to be treated doc... How can one excise a dyscrasia without knowing about its prognosis...complications....and pathogenicity.... Please explain doc....

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Sebaceous cyst cal carb 1 m One Dose dry. If needed I and D.

Pilar cyst It is called Trichilemmal. Incised and drain the keratin and other materials inside the cyst . Give one of the oral Antibiotic.

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. sebaceous cyst. Nux Vom may be helpful.

100 gm Olive oil m 20 gm kalonji oil Milakar rakh lo or sir par lagao

Seabaceous Cyst of scalp Baryta Iod Helpful medicine

Calcaria carb may be helpful

Sebacious cyst, Give acid flour30,or Silicea200

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