A 62 yr old patient with abdominal lump operated for Total Radical colectomy developed a Abdominal Skin lesion 10 days after, which was discharging profusely. Diagnosis and Management?



Faecal fistula. Rx 1. Proper preparation of the patient by correction of electrolytes, protein parenteral supplementation 2 Preparation of gut by Total intestinal lavage.3 Closure of fistula 4.Preventive ileostomy 5 closure of ileostomy after 1and half months

nice explanation sir

Enterocutaneous fistula closes spontaneously within 40to 60days. Small intenstine fistulae take more time to close as they are large volume fistulae. Malignant chrohns disease or ulcerative colitis fistulas generally require surgery. Treatment Fluid and electrolyte replenishment. Vitamins and mineral supplements Protien supplements. care of skin . A14 no Nephrostomy tube may be inserted. Somatostatin octreotide may help to reduce secretions and help to heal earlier. Cutaneous metastasis may be possible.

faecal fistula. MANAGEMENT : this fistula requires closure and colostomy. once the fistula heals,second surgery is done to close colostomy.

madam in this pt already total colon removed,i think ur meaning is to do ileostomy

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feral fistula! needs surgical procedure

Fecal fistula. Already morbid 62 yr patient, underwent total colostomy, careful management require. Monitor electrolyte balance Use TPN if required. Apply colostomy bag over the fistula opening to prevent spillage and excoriation. Inj octreotide 50 mcg SC 8 hrly can be used. After proper preoperative preparation... go for Ileostomy.


colour an eos fistula

Enterocutaneous fistula.

Is it a Ileostomy Wound? If so it can be infection/ Malignancy

faecal fistulae

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