A 76-year-old male with dementia and end-stage renal disease who was undergoing hemodialysis was admitted after a syncopal episode that occurred during dialysis. When a urinary catheter was placed, purple urine was drained. The urinalysis showed a pH of 9.0 and bacteriuria but no hematuria or pyuria. what is the cause??

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This colour is due to highly alkaline urinary tract infection. This is commonly seen in situations where pt needs long standing catheters. The most common organisms are e coli,proteus mirabilis,klebssela pneumoniae

Due to UTI in long standing catheters

Its purple urine bag syndrome Due to uti in catheterised patients Most common organism are providentia, kleibsella, Proteus

Never heard about Purple urine bag syndrome. . Never seen such case. Kindly elaborate if someone can,

Purple urine bag syndrome

its Purple urine bag syndrome it is due to UTI in cathetrised pts.

Wow . Gr8 case . Never knew this.

Purple urin bag sydrom or methenyl blue urin due to uti

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