A 90yrs female pt p/c/o breathlessness with coughing since 2 month I started deriphylline,cefoparazone sulbactum,levoflox Am I right?

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Doc u r absolutely on a very good protocol .just add augumentin 12 gm TDs iv for 7days .go for monto test and cxr (pa) bcoz in these antibiotics afb sputum mostly negative. or u can make TB gold test.carry onn with this rather levoflox I prefer moxifloxacin 100 ml od .all the best doc

derriphyline can cause arrhythmia in such old patient so u can start nebulisation and can stop derriphyline

sputum AFB, sputum c/s, blood c/s, other routine work up.... nebulise her 4hrly, ....continue cefoperazone salbactum.... i think hold levofloxacin till sputum AFB report comes....start levofloxacin if AFB is negative.....

can we suspect GERD,in this age

no c/o fever or not diabetic HTN pt..Dr.Anand sir

she has lrti. give antibiotics and get it done sputum culture, afb sputum and change antibiotics as per culture sensitivity

ya u can..diabetic? .daily cbc..sos sputum culture if fever and leucocytosis.

you should also R/o ccf and conduct bronchoscopy

only coughing with bilateral wheezing

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