a boy aged 4and half yr came to me with history itching over whole body since 3days with pain abdomen.. history 2episode vomiting with on and off fever.. Dx Nd Rx??



Acute urticaria H/o acute onset with pain abdomen and vomiting suggestive of probably dead worm responsible for episode hence first deworm the pt and give laxatives Simultaneously give tab atarax 10mg Sos oral steroid Locally atarax lotion Review after one week Even pt recovers again give antihelmenthetics periodically

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Acute urticaria Inj Dexona 1c c +inj avil 1cc i m stat Tab allegra 80 mg 1/2 bd Tab medrol 4 mg od


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Deworm the patient firstly. For urticaria cetrizine tab or syp can be given sos. Calapure A lotion for local application.

Urticaria, due git inf or helminthiasis

Infection induced acute urticaria Give albend syp Oral antihistamine Oral antibiotics Calamine lotion

Acute Urticaria.

Acute Urticaria

Urticaria treat with anti histamine



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