A Boy of 5 yrs age ,poor labour family background, having Unilateral scrotal swelling since birth,increasing in size gradually.Reduces in size while lyingdown or on pressure on scrotum.Non tender,mobile,free from fluid.Your valuable suggestions please.

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Left sided indirect inguinal hernia with possibility of hydrocele also... palpation Transillumination test Scrotal usg

As the swelling is reducible during lying down, it is mostly inguinal hernia. But as it is present from birth second closest differential diagnosis would be encysted hydrocele of cord.sonography of inguinal scrotal region will confirm the diagnosis.

Inguinal hernia.

Hernia with patent processus vaginalis ,scrotal USG n surgery reference

Is testis is palpable in swelling? No- inguinal hernia,reducible Yes- encysted hydrocele of cord. Adv-. USG Scrotum ,and surgical intervention.

It's inguinal hernia. Since birth then congenital. Adv USG abd & scrotum.

Left inguinal hernia D/DX congenital hydrocele Adv usg abd with scrotum

This is case of congenital hydrocele

congenital hydrocele

Left sided reducible inguinal hernia with patent procesus vaginalis,wait for two years then plan surgery

inguinal hernia surgery is the treatment

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