A case of fistula in ano with homoeopathic system of medicine

Dr. Chief Complaints A male patient 35 years old having fistula without pain and with pus discharge. He was also having gastric complaints Having history of smoking, drink etc. Agg - during stool Amel. - after stool History H/O piles before 3 years Vitals B.P. - 122/72 mmHg Pulse - 78/ min R.R. - 19/min Physical Examination On proctoscopy fistula was seen Investigations No investigation was suggested Diagnosis Fistula in ano Management Silicea 200/2 dose Placebo was continued



Tub 1m

Tub,1m Weekly With

I have no idea for the use of tuberculinum in case of fistula in ano

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and now

Now he is feeling better

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