A chronic smoker with H/O fever with chills and rigors since 10 days. Cough with sputum since 1 week. Sputum was negative for AFB. Evening rise of temperature is present. Please diagnose it.

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Acute history suggestive of pneumonia with synpneumonic effusion

But Montaux test shows 2 cm induration.

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Apparent elevation of Right dome of diaphragm with shifting of its apex laterally. Subpulmonic pleural effusion right.

Consolidation rt base

Rt. Sided pleural effusion... Therapeutic Thoracocentesis Should be done... And pleural fluid should be sent for CYTOLOGY, culture, ADA, LDH, TLC, DLC, Protein, pH,sugar

Treat for pneumonia for 1week 2nd x-ray will.clear matter.

Pneumonia with effusion, do the diagnostic tapping

Tapping done. Culture shows no bacterial growth.

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Right subpulmonic pl effusion.

Consolidation with pl effusion

Pnemonia with rt side pl.effusion, Do Pl.tap with investigation. Start appropriate antibiotics as per culture report

Pleural effusion

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