A COVID-19 case with Asthma

Chief Complaint A 69 y/o female presents with the complaint of cough for 10 days, dyspnoea for 4 days and high fever for 3 days. She was taking paracetamol for fever, which relieved the fever but cough and dyspnoea persists. History She has h/o asthma and HTN. She is on inhale and on medication for htn. Vitals BP - 115/75 mmhg, HR - 42 bpm, Breathing - 17 bpm, Temp - 101.1 degree F, SpO2 -92% on room air. Investigations D-dimer was 0.82 mcg/mL, CRP was 0.7 mg/dL. Covid test was done which came out positive. Treatment How should we proceed with the case?


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HR is 42/min Need to see for beta blockers Hypothyroidism CHB Viral myocarditis ARF hyperkalemia. Treat for covid pneumonia as per protocol. Continue inhalation therapy Nasal oxygen support.

Capsule Doxy 100 mg one capsule twice a day for 7 days Tablet Azee 500 mg One tablet daily for 7 days Tablet Ecosprin 75 mg one tablet daily for 30 days Tablet Ivermectin 12 mg One tablet daily for 4 days Glargine insulin injection 4 units per day Glargine insulin Brand name - Lantus insulin also called as Solostar injection (Brand Name Solostar) 32 number needle to be attached to syringe 4 units to be taken every day once a day for 10 days It is to be taken at same time every day, it can be taken at any time, time need to be same every day This patient has bradycardia, kindly do ECG to look for cause of bradycardia, avoid beta blocker drugs for treatment of hypertension as they can cause bradycardia Kindly read my article on role of insulin in treatment on Covid 19 https://jmscr.igmpublication.org/home/index.php/archive/178-volume-08-issue-07-july-2020/9517-use-of-insulin-in-treatment-of-covid-19-a-proposal-to-explore-feasibility

asthma just try 1.sitopladi chooran + tankan bhasma t.d.s 2.syp. respocare 2 tsf t.d.s 3.chitrak leham 1/2 tsf h.s 4.lakshmi vilas ras 1 tab t.d.s 5.anu tailam nasayam 6.steam inhalation h.s daily

Follow the protocols of COVID 19 and similarly treat COPD. Monitor and control HTN by medication and diet control.


Hrct with score must Admit Oxygen Aziwin500 bd Inj Remesavir od14 days Dexa Lmwh bd

Treatment as described by Dr. Jayesh.

For asthma,syp Ventorlin, nebuliser, antibiotics, monteleukast, laksmi Vilas ras,tankan bhasm, sitopaladi churna, tallishadi churna, shwaskuthar ras, vasaka avleh helpful..

Bronchodilators zntk6otics

Hi doctor start steroids in high doses plus anticoagulants Antibiotics to coner secondry infection Ivermectin plus vit plus mgso4 Do d dimer and il-6 plus hrct chest If score more then 10 and it ll be then start Remi plus imunalfa

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