A diabetic female presented with Dyspnea since 3 days (with dry cough present since 25 days) ...CBC , ECG and other routine investigations were normal...On examination, basal crepts were heard.. Xray showed b/l basal ground glassing...HRCT Chest was done...comment on approach



Patient presented with SOB for 3 days, dry cough for 25 days and she is diabetic. D- DIMER is positive. X- ray chest bilateral lower zone haziness, atherosclerotic aortic wall calcification. More informations about signs and symptoms of the patient are required. sputum for AFB, Sputum CS, CB- NAAT, CTPA, 2D-ECHO etc

Also get 2D ECHO for RV Hypokinesia n plan CT PULMONARY ANGIOGRAPHY to rule out PE.

2d echo specially diastolic dysfunction

Better to get 2D Echo done

CECT Thorax shows nothing related to Pulmonary embolism...d dimer levels are not raised much...patient is responding to steroids and nebulization...going towards ILD

rule out viral pneumonia,mycoplasma pneumonia urine R,RFT to r/o goodpasture acute exacerbation of chronic ILD

Is she a case of COPD ! B/l basal lobe shows haziness may be bronchiectasis

2D Echocardiography with grade of diastolic dysfunction.

She needsO2 saturation levels, blood gases,ecg,2d echo.

I agree with Dr S Chattopdhyay

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