A female age of 30 yrs came with C/O redness n itching in both lower libs since 2 weeks.No h/o any drug reaction.k/c/o hypothyrodism. H/o abortion few month back. Wat will be daignosis.

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Irritant contact dermatitis

LEUCOCYTOCLASTIC VASCULITIS Rule out presence of DM, internal disease, recent blood transfusion, recent medication, HIV etc as it an ALLERGIC REACTION. Homeopathic medicine Apis melfica 30 in uncomplicated case is very good drug.

irritant contact dermatitis


Henonch scholein purpura is one of the differential diagnosis


Rule out Heinoch Shonlein Purpura Check her urine albumin Platelet count ESR Try oral steroids for treatment


@Dr. Aftab Faiz - vasculitis

Rule out HSP..Do blood routine

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