A female aged 18 years came to me today having fever, cough , bodyache since 10 days . WBC 17000 with raised neutrophils. Comments on X-ray and management.

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Scoliosis with mediating shift


Scoliosis with probably respiratory infection

Scoliosis on rt side


Severe scoliosis. With volume loss in rt side. Start empirical antibiotics bronchodilators mucolytics . Sputum for afb c/s gram stain. Use NIV if Pt is dyspnoeic.

severe scoliosis; do abg; assess accordingly; start broad spectrum antibiotics

Severe scoliosis seen with mediastinal shift to right side leading to hyperinflation of left lung and volume loss of right lung. However, cannot make out any consolidation or any other opacity which can cause fever and leukocytosis in this patient . The patient can be empirically treated with antibiotics and antipyretics.. can be investigated further with sputum evaluation or ct chest if not improving.

Kyphoscoliosis, treat with antihistaminics, expectorant, bronchodilators, antibiotics.

Scoliosis towards rt side

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