A female patient presenting with the chief complaint of increasing dysphagia for about one year.In fact difficulty in swallowing was her only complaint!What is the diagnosis?



An upper G.I endoscopy is required for further evaluation. Apparently on barium meal it looks like a case of Carcinoma lower end of oesophagus with malignant stricture and rat tail deformity

Sir. Rat tail deformities is called accalasia cardia. But Why he said no?

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Mitral valve disease with deep left atrial impression over oesophagus may cause dysplasia.

You are absolutely right sir.That is what the case was.

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Mostly lower esophageal Cancer...Needs OGD scopy for further confirmation...

Ortner's Syndrome - Dysphagia due to enlarged left atrium. Common seen in Rheumatic Mitral Valve disease in females.

Accalasia cardia. Do Upper GI ENDOSCOPY. Cardiomegaly - LVH PT. Require esophgeal dilatation.


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Stricture in lower 1/3 of oesophagus Gi scopy biopsy HP R/0 malignancy Petscan Opinion of oncosurgeon

Barium diagnosis is carcinoma oesophagus. Needs evaluation and confirmation of the diagnosis by upper GI Endoscopy and biopsy. Also needs CECT to decide the operability. If operable trans hiatus oesphagectomy is the surgery of choice. A laparoscopic oesphagectomy is another way. Radiation and feeding jejunostomy can be used as palliative treatment

Enlarged left atrium causing external compression on oesophagus ? Mitral stenosis

Rat tailing is charecteritic c sign of C A oesopgagus. Some times we also see in Achalasia cardia where the narrowing will be smooth.calle Duck beak sign. U G I S copy and biopsy will becofirmatory

Stricture lower end of oesophagus gastroscopy if no pathology then dilatation

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