A girl came with this patch on her head...from 1 month...Respected doctors..kindly suggest treatment ?alopecea?



In ayurveda we will diagnose it as Indralupta... You can advice for Jalokavacharan Along with that I would like suggest you our swanubhoot yoga what we prescribe in our hospital- Local application of kalka made up of - Tamra Bhasma - Hastidanta Masi/Shankh Bhasma - Gomutra - Japa Pushpa ( China Rose) Apply once a day keep it for 30 minutes and wash with herbal shampoo / Reetha Powder. -Arogyavardhani Vati 1 Tab BD for 3) day - Lakshadi Guggulu 1 Tab BD - Seven day shot of Krimi Kuthar Rasa 1 Tab OD - Bhringarajasava 10ml BD as anupana of Arogyavardhani Vati. - Bhringaraj Tailam as hair oil - Avipatikar Churna + Giloy satva + Swarna Makshika Bhasma = 3gm At bed time. Now i will explain how it will work : Kalka will do lekhana and stimulation of hair follicles as well as it will nourish the asthi dhatu as it have hasti danta masi, ayurveda says "sarvada sarva bhavanam vraddhi karanam" so Hasti Danta will nourish the asthi dhatu and we know the kesha or hairs are the mala of the Asthi Dhatu. And hair loss is the lakshana of Asthi Kshaya. Remaining all medicines are given for the nourishment of asthi and balancing the Tridosha in the body. Krimi Kuthar Rasa is given as anthelmintic. Bhringaraj will balance the pitta in the body, as in the tarunavastha pitta provoke more easily.

Very nice Dr Hemant

D/d alopecea areata Chikitsa -pitta shamak and krimihar 1 ) vidanga + yastimadhu lepa 2 ) raktamokshana with jaloka Or Parijat patra gharshan (rubbing ) then lepa apply. 3 )krimikuthar ras2bd 4 ) chandrakala ras 2bd 5 ) triphala vati 2tds 6 )vidangasav4tsf tds 7) avipattikar churna 6gm before sleep.

It is Indralupta. Advice the following treatment. Apply Jayapala beeja kalka lepa for one day. Give Amalaki rasayana along with saptamrita loha 10gm for one month. with honey before food.

Yes it's alopecia.apply lepa of Ichhabhedi ras. it contains jaypal. it's very effective. result only after 3-4 application

Homoeopathic medicine give Acid.chrysobiam 200 daily one time 6pills for 10 days.Apply ThujaQ externally to the patch.

Dear Dr Deepika Alopecia areata Agreed to Dr Rajan sir and Dr Gupta Thanks with regards

Hathidunta bhasma local application is also useful.

Very difficult to find Hasti Danta masi.... Now Its banned in India....

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dr deepika this is alopecia areata & u can give the pt arnica hair oil to apply on that spot , along with this u can also give sulher 200

l/A of Nimba tail ,with gentle massage with pre heated oil Narasimha ghruta Rasayana 1tsf bd with milk. x1 month

Dx Indralupta Rx Prachana followed by E/A Icchabhedi rasa over area as paschath karma as it clears the avarana

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