A lady aged 50 years having fever , cough, weakness, loss of weight since 2 months. Non diabetic. Diagnosis, Treatment



X-Ray chest shows loss of silhoutte of right cardiac border as well as right hemidiaphragm with compensatory hyperinflation of right upper lobe and pulling of trachea towards right side - suggestive of lesion in right bronchus intermedius causing active collapse of right middle & lower lobe, pleural effusion component will be there but only mild. CT thorax followed by bronchoscopy and guided biopsy is recommended to exclude malignancy.

Rt cosolidation with effusion pl do hrct chest sputum afb all need blood investigations to support diagnosis likely tuberculosis empirical treatment to be started till results

right lower lobe consolidation with synpneumonic effusion TB is first possibility do sputum pleural tap

Right sided basal consolidation/ collapse with pleural effusion CT, BRONCHOSCOPY and BAL for AFB AND CBNATT, cytology

Consolidation right, rule out pulmonary koch's & malignancy.

2 month history goes in favor of TB and malignancy. Need CT chest, sputum exam AFB, cytology. Further tt based on CT finding. Till then symptomatic tt.

pleural effusion on right side .need ct chest,AFB,

Rt lower lobe consolidation with effusion. RO Pt,liver abcess ruptured into Rt pleura.

Rt lower lobe collapse consolidation with pleural effusion with infiltration lt middle zone appears to be case of pul tuberculosis

Rt LL collapse with rt pleural effusion need CE CT chest nd bronchoscopy

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