A male aged 30 years having Fever, cough and severe pain chest since 10 days. He is a known case of Bronchial asthma and regularly using Budamet 200 rotocaps. WBC is 15400 with raised neutrophils. Comments on X-ray, D/D, management.



The cxray shows b/l hyperinflated lung fields indicating poorly controlled asthma. There is a cavity in right upper lobe; with peripheral consolidation with most probably adjacent pleural involvement explaining the pain(pleuritis) Keeping in mind long term use of inhaled steroids TB should be ruled out...

At this stage with raised WBC count,diagnosis will be lung abscess..


Focus on right upper and mid zone. Thanks Dr. Imran Wasfi.

Rt mid zone cavity with seco. I infection Sputum c&s

Consolidation with tuberculosis possibility.. sputum rm and cs further investigation

And sputum afb

Right mid zone cavity

Rt mid zone consolidation..

Emphysema with right mid zone patchy consolidation and air trapping in left lower zone

Any history of old Koch's. X ray mostly suggestive of old infection

No history of ATT

Xray-Right mid zone cavity, consolidation. Emphysematous lungs. bronchovascular prominence . Lymph nodes. D/D- PTB. COPD BR. Asthma T/t- AKT,bronchodilators,Antibiotics, PCM,Anti expectorant. Nebulization


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