A male aged 40 years having ulcers on prepuce, severe pain, difficulty in urination, unable to retract prepuce since 10 days, He is diagnosed as a fresh case of Diabetes . FBS 324 mg per dilution. Spot diagnosis and management.



Good and common case Dr. Arjun Singh Here fissuring of prepuce and oedema of edges of prepuce and phimosis together gives this picture. So we can diagnosed as CANDIDAL BALANOPOSTHITIS in diabetic individual with fissuring. This fissuring is due to high glycemic level in blood produces AGEs( Advanced Glycation Endprpducts) that lowers the AA hydroxyprolene which needs for elasticity in the skin. Treatment Monitoring blood glucose levels. Tab ofloxacin and ornidazole bid for 5 days. Tab Fluconazole 400 mg stat and followed by weekly once 150 mg. Salt water washing. Tab analgesic for 2 days. Permanant solution for this is CIRCUMCISION.

Balanoposthitis with Diabetes mellitus, fungal infection. Rx. Control diabetes mellitus first. Tab. Fluconazole 150 mg. OD 1 month. Candid creme locally.

Balanoposthitis with acquired phimosis. Start insulin and control blood sugar levels. Circumcision should be done

Balanoposthitis with phimosis Control sugars, antibiotics Circumcision

Control diabetes

Control blood sugar meticulsly. Most of the problems will be controlled. Fluconazole 150 mg weekly for 6 to 8 weeks orally. Terbinafine ointment for local application. Female partner should also be treated simultaneously.

Candiasis .. just add candid cream .ad tab af 150 tab weekly once for six weeks . If wife also have similar then both need to use . And no sexual contact further til lesion heal , and add antihistamine .

Uncontrolled diabetes with Candidal balanoposthitis. Treatment is control of diabetes and clotrimazole ointment locally and fluconazole 150 mg single dose orally.


Cutaneous candidacies


Candidiasis...in diabetic... Control diabetes. +flucunazole 150 mg of for 6days

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