A male aged 5 years , having fever ,cough, watering and congestion of eyes since 5 days , maculopapular erruptions all over body , respiratory distress and severe bouts of coughing since 3 days. Scattered crepts on whole right chest. Diagnosis 0f disease and management.



Measles with complications (pneumonia?)

Koplik's??? ?Giant cell Pneumonitis as a complication to Measles, look for F/H of Tuberculosis and chest X-ray as In tuberculous infection flares up in Measles, Look if Lymphnode are there is CXR to suspect cause, ow if Koplik's are there in Oral mucosa , then definitely this can be Measles. 2 lakhs Unit Vit A stat Rest is supportive Start IV antibiotics oF LRTI wait and watch

measle vid sec. Bacterial pneumonia......give gud antibiotic, fluid, cuogh remedies, antipyrotic, multivitamine, vit A oral

Measles with secondary bronchopneumonia.. Can be managed with antibiotics n proper nutritional support..

Measles with pneumonia, Hechst pneumonia, vitamin A, antibiotics, iv fluids,

Ricketessial fever will benefit from doxycyline and imj amikacin

Measles with bronchopneumonia.....need antibiotics with vit a

Joint swelling if s then rickettssial if not measles

Measels wth it's complications in form of pneumonia

Measles with complication like bronchopneumonia

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