Finger warts

A male child 10 years old has warts on fingers. Took psychiatric treatment for excessive anger.



Causticum 200 single dose Thuja occ Q external use BD

For fingers, Dulcamara is more appropriate.

Rx Constitutional remedy with PQRS.

Chamomila for anger and skin

Consider Caust

Dulcamara 1M, 1 dose Allens beautifully mentions " warts at the back of hand and fingers"

I gave him Nux vom 1m , one dose and Dulcamara 30, Thuja q,locally.

Give constitutional med ..that will also help him in anger also.

What's the reaction of his excessive anger and what causes it?

Nat mur 1m ,Chamomilla,Causticum may helpful

Dulcamra and some time indicated ant crud

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