A male of 65 years old came with a hard swelling above left supraclavicular region of size 5x4 cm. FNAC was done. Kindly give your opinion



Malignant lesion. Dd.Metastaic deposits High grade lymphoma Sug.clinical correlation . Biopsy.IHC Search for primary esp testes and git

Positive for malignant cells Possibly 1.Lymphoma 2.Poorly differentiated carcinoma Adv Biopsy IHC work up

Positive for maignant cells possibly 1.Lymphoma. 2. Poorly differentited carinoma.

Malignant Lymphoma Metastatic deposits Biopsy and IHC required

Malignant lesion D/d- metastatic deposit of anaplastic carcinoma High grade lymphoma Adv- HPE& IHC

? NHL/ Mets However, clinical evaluation for primary, Biopsy and IHC for needful.

Atypical cells with high N: C ratio & hyperchromasia, arranged in loosely cohesive clusters. DD : PD- Carcinomatous Depisits, NHL & Germ Cell Tumour.

Malignant deposits Needed biopsy and IHC

Malignant ? Mets AdenoCa

Anaplastic Ca/lymphoma IHC

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