a male patient age about 57 c/o loss of appetite since 1 week also be c of genral weakness no any other history dx rx



Rx- Diuretics if fluid overload Correct electrolytes ACE inhibitor - monitor K & Cr. Ca supplement, Vit. D (check level) Check for any sepsis ( urine c/s) Check cardiac status-ECG, CXR, proBNP rest of management will depend on labs.

thnx sir

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CKD with proteinuria Anemia - normocytic hypochromic Adv- USG KUB, B.sugar, electrolytes, 24hr urinary protein


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Has pus cells and protein uric / what is his psa if elevated wit luts / could be a prostatitis / do a digital rectal examination / if elev psa /prostatitis /ciproflocacin 250 mgs bd x 5 days /citrosoda 10 mls daily or Ural sachet 1 daily to keep urine alkaline send off repeat urine mcs after rx / could be bph

Usg abdomen with PVR Uroflowmetry PSA Stool routine and microscopy

Leucocytosis with anemia with slightly raised s.creatinine and short history 1week B.P? Fever history ? Any other suggestive history for hypovolumia ?

no any o/h

I agree with Dr A A Khan

Wait and watch could be case of infective hepatitis.

Do invst> Usg Abd Pelvis ? Liver Enzyme ? Urea ? Creat? VBG with SE ?

Ckd work up for that do abg

It’s acute on ckd

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