A male patient aged about 24 years , complaining of discoloration with mild itching .. increasing the size of patch near axillary region since 6 months.Non hypertensive,non diabetic.please suggest the medication and diagnosis.




Looks like Pityriasis Versicolor/ Erythrasma

Cafe au lait spots. These spots are followed by many causes. spots with freckles under the arm or around the groin could indicate an underlying genetic problem called neurofibromatosis type 1. This is a disorder that can affect the skin, nerves, and eyes. It us not a concern of worry...Nothing needs to be done.

Hyperpigmentation on axillae

Nevus melanosis Acanthiosis Nigricans Cafe au lait spots


Tnx Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

? PV / Cafe au lait / Erythrasma / AN / Crowe sign / NF-1 See dermatologist.

Hyperpigmented variant of pityriasis versicolor Apply topical azoles daily + oral Fluconazole 6mg/kg weekly + advice hygeine measures

Cafe au lait spots Adv No treatment required If cosmetic improvement is required then laser treatment can be considered

Hyperpigmentation scabies dermatitis melonasis dermatitis? Management.. Clobetasol ointment used.. Luliconazole lotion use.. Calamine lotion use.. Tab multivitamins antioxidants trace elements grape seed extract ginger tree extract ginkgo tree extract od Capsules synory od pc with mornings after meal.. Colgate toothpaste lemon massage slowly slowly daily best treatment for skin melonasis... clean skin wet sterliging clothes.. Coconut oil use.. Alovira gel use.. Keep the skin areas Sterile gauge.. Clean skin regularly.. Take healthy diet.. Maintenance hygiene..

Thanks doctor Kalyan Tulasiram
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