A male patient of age 28 came to clinic with intense pain in middle phalanx of ring finger. according to him while playing basket ball he got a over stretch of the tendon of the same finger. during my examination i checked the cervical radiculopathy also but all the test were negative. when we give a tap in distal phalanx pain will be so intense that it will trave to entire course of the nerve. i found a small neuroma there and treating by a manual gliding and ice compression he is improving a bit but still pain is there when we give a tap. please suggest me a treatment and ideas regarding it.


Exision of neuroma

Follow RICE, take a x ray hand ap and oblique

Use buddy splint also to give rest to the tendon. But with that gentle range of motion exercise also important to keep the joint-movement free. Add some combination of aceclofenac and serratiopeptidase. And get a an x-ray or if you are so sure about neuroma, get an msk USG to confirm it.

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