A male pt age 35 yr, suffering from dengue fever, complain tamp 102'F, nausia, vomitting, blood



Ad CBC Active Antacid 10 ml tds for vomiting, if heavy vomiting then sift on IV fluids +antibiotics etc. Then godanti bhasm 250mg tds Kalmegh 150 mg b.d. Neem +giloy +tulsi one tab each b.d. Plateza 2 b.d. Amyron syp 20ml b.d.

Please share patient investigation reports.... May be need hospitalization....

Platogrow syp and tab platenza r helpful..

Hab e mubarak TID Sharbat e Nilofer 10ml TID Papi tablet TID Soft food Investigation

Papita ke patte ka jise pilao