A male pt of 42 year old suffering from involuntary passing of urine since 1 month .....the disease was there for 8-10 year but in mild form was tolerable but from 1 month it has aggravated...... all the blood and urine reports are normal....no any urinary infection present .... USG bladder shows thickening of the bladder wall and neurogenic bladder ....with left side vesico-ureteric reflux present...... pt has also difficulty in walking for last 15 years ....jerking in both the legs......staggering gait...can not able to walk fast ...walks slowly ....drags his feet during walking........ modality--agg--from cold , winter amel- from warmth ..... he went to the milti speciality hospital they advised him for lifetime catheterization but he refuses... plzz advice me the remedy...



patient is mal nourished also

Give him five phos Tablets TID 3 months

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According 2 my experience, Causticum 1M.single dose is effective ( Chilly Pt.)

In Ayurveda some good drugs for this case.Rx1.gokshooradi giggulu,brihatyadi kashayam &chandraprabha vati

Dr rajan sir can u explain role of gokshuradi guggul in thise case

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1. Phosphorus- incontinence of urin mainly in aged person mainly due to paralysis of sphincter. 2.kreosotum- incontinence of urine,agg-when lying down,amelio-better when walking or standing. 3.ferrum met-incontinence of urine more frequently in day time.enuresis from weakness of sphincter bladder. 4.argentum nit-incontinence of urine ,great nervous and restlessness.

causticum 30 /2, is the medicine. I have cured a case like this.

Causticum 200 weekly

Majoon flasfa 1tsf bd Habbe Azaraqi 1bd Majoon Brahmi half tsf bd

Please take sabal serulata 30 Tds And petroselinium 200 Bds

Here are few remedies which are helpful. 1)dulcamara 2)agar. 3)Laur. But this is a chronic case and needs thorough history taking. .constitutional will helps better than blindly prescription. Gather more peculiars. .

In Unani system of medicine. Majoon falasfa himplasia cap bd for one month with pacitane 2mg bd see the response and Insha Allah you will get the result

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