A male with Covid 19 [RT-PCR] positive

A male aged 44 years Chief Complaints Dyspnea (gradually increasing) Cough (Dry) Giddiness Fever (x 10 days) Vitals RR- 28/min Physical Examination Resp- B/L Fine crepitations

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Bil minimal pleural effusion seen. Bil ground glass opacities seen in upper and mid zone. Classical crazy paving pattern seen in bases. Septal thickening/ fibrosis noted. Findings sugg of organising pneumonia of covid 19 etiology.

Rule out HSP .... h/o pigeon exposure ... luks like acute excebation of ILD

B/L GGO APPEARANCE B/L P.EFUSION T/T According to guildlines Covid 19

Co infection with Bacteria or H1N1 also to check here

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