A middle aged male with Liver SOL

A male aged 55 years Chief Complaints Pain RUQ LOA(+) LOW(+) (x 2 months) Physical Examination Nothing significant Investigations TPCT W/A - SOL in right lobe with arterial phase enhancement and wash out in venous phase Diagnosis What is the most probable diagnosis



A case of Hepatocellular carcinoma in the background of Cirrhosis of liver.with splenomegaly, Ascitis and portal hypertension. As there is arterial enhancement- Indicative of enhancement from hepatic artery - characteristic of primary malignant tumour of liver and wash out in venous phase

Well defined lesion seen in rt lobe of liver in peripheral area with arterial and venous supply As size of liver is shrunkened favours cirrhosis liver which is considered early stage of malignancy Present SOL is same advancing malignant tumor hepatocellularcarcinoma A/w LOA and LOW Rx confirmation by biopsy Targated panetrating radiation and chemotherapy Surgical excision may be considered if HPE suggest early stage

Thanx dr Praveen Yograj sir

Liver is shrunken, spleen is enlarged - it is suggestive of cirrhosis of liver with spleenomegaly Arterial enhancement and venous washout is characteristic of malignant lesion, which is common with background cirrhosis of liver Impression Hepatocellular carcinoma Adv AFP, MRI with contrast

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Beaver.s tail of liver splenomegaly pericholecystic stranding

Sol rt lobe of liver Core biopsy HP AFP Mostly benign haemangioma

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