How to treat this case?

A mother 5 yr old boy noticed some spots without hair in boy's head in occiptal region for 1 month



Paediatric alopecia . It is characterized by the sudden appearance of round or oval patches of hair loss. The patches are slick or smooth, without scaling or broken hairs. About 25% of children also have pitting and ridging of the nails. While there is no cure for alopecia areata, treatment can control the disease in some children. The most common causes of paediatric alopecia are largely non-scarring. These include tinea capitis, alopecia areata, trauma due to traction alopecia or trichotillomania, and telogen effluvium. Scarring alopecia can also occur in childhood and requires scalp biopsy and further investigation by a dermatologist.. Local application of potent topical corticosteroids has been effective in the treatment of moderate-to-severe AA, for 12-weeks.

Alopacia Areata



Alopecia . Minoxidil . Multivitamins . Steroids .

T capitis

Fungal infection: Antifungal cream to apply locally 8hrly, Shaving of scalp hairs, B-comlex with zinc syp.

AA? Rx -TRIAMCINOLONE Inj INTRALESION -BETAMETHASONE Ointment -Minoxidil 5% - ORAL pulse therapy


Phasphoras , Acid flur & Syphilinum , Can do good but plz select with nice history taking

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